Travellers have had to endure so many disasters such as floods, hurricanes, getting trapped in cars and cruise ships sinking. When travellers are caught up in an emergency, and they need to survive, they can look around to find any everyday objects that they can re-purpose to help them counter the effects of the accident. They include:

Dental floss-ideal for binding other objects together

Dental floss can come in handy when you need to bind objects like sticks because they are ridiculously strong. When you manage to tie the rods, you can come up with a temporary structure to shield yourself from the raging elements. It can be used to invent snares used to trap small animals to get a meal to keep surviving. Dental floss can also be used as a fishing line.

A sock ideal for straining water

A sock is humble when used in ordinary life circumstances to keep you warm and protect your feet by keeping them dry, but in a disaster situation, you can use it to strain some water to drink. It can’t rid bacteria or parasites, but it will save you from getting dehydration before the situation is over.

A bandana-ideal as a breathing aid

A bandana is a must have to most backpackers to protect themselves from the sun or cool off when it’s extremely hot, but in a situation of survival tactics, it works as an aid to breathe. In smoky, severe cold and dusty conditions, you can tie it over your mouth or nose and free your hands. You might not love bandanas but carrying one in your small bag can’t be a hustle.

A soda can-Ideal for signalling for help

When you are in a situation that you need urgent help to get to safety, you can use a soda can to indicate your need for assistance to someone. It is easier for those looking for you to locate you faster if you use a reflective object. You can use the bottom side of a soda can because it reflects well under the sun adding up as a useful signal to help the rescue team.

Bobby pins and hair clips-ideal as a fishing hook

You can attach many bobby pins and hair clips to refashion a fishing hook. Make up small live bait, and with a little luck, you might bait a frog or a fish to nourish yourself. Necessity will make you innovative, and if you get yourself in a tough situation, you can think clearly and look around to come up with an object that can be improvised for survival.


If you get yourself in the middle of nowhere and you cannot get your way out without help, use anything that you have to start a fire. Several things can help you do so such as petroleum jelly, hand sanitizer most of them are flammable, lip balms are also flammable or any other object around you. There are also other tactics that survival experts can come up with depending on the situation.